On Safari With Gert 7 December 2015

Setting off early for our final morning game drive, we headed out along a dirt road close to camp. About 5 km out we noticed something far ahead of us in the road. It turned out to be a Spotted Hyena, on a serious mission, galloping in our direction.

 We watched as it approached, run past with barely a glance in our direction and continue on it's way, down the road. We let it be and carried on in the original direction.

 A few minutes later we found a majestic bull Sable Antelope, unfortunately moving away from us, but stopping off here and there for a quick graze and affording us a good view.

 It was also a good morning for buffalo as we encountered some large bulls as well as breeding herds. The dung beetles were taking full advantage of all the buffalo activity and we watched a few of them rolling their dung balls in various directions trying to find their spots for burying it, some more successful than others, but sheer determination seeming to prevail.

 We also received word about 2 leopards on the move not very far away, thanks to the dream team, Amanda and Shannon. As these were reportedly moving out of sight temporarily, we decided not to rush there,  but rather take our chances later on.

 We passed the area about half an hour later and were lucky enough to catch some glimpses of the two young leopards, who had now been joined by their mother! It was a fairly quick sighting, but always exciting to find as this leopard family had become rather famous in the area and we had seen their brother the day before.

 After a hearty breakfast and loading luggage, we headed out of the park along another loop and it was a fitting end to the Safari to find, at a nearby dam, 6 elephant bulls playing in the water to cool down; very shortly before exiting the park after three days of good fun, fine weather and great sightings

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