Safaris in the Southern Kruger Park

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Safaris in the Southern Kruger Park

The southern region of the Kruger National Park claims the most mountains and best rainfall. It supports two habitats: The Malelane Mountain Veld and the Pretoriuskop Sourveld. Because of the higher altitude and wetter climate, you will find different and rare plants not found anywhere else in the Kruger National Park, such as the marula and knob-thorn. When you enter the Kruger National Park through Malelane Gate, which is on the Crocodile River, it feels like taking a trip back in time to wildest Africa.


On Safari With Amanda

4 January 2018

Today I collected 4 new guests for a new safari for the new year . Two of my guests were on an overnight stay so we did an afternoon drive as soon as we could to cover as much ground as we could! We set off with no expectations! Shortly after arriving we came across 3 beautiful giraffes ambling across the road in front of us, always lovely to see. Of course the impalas were everywhere, my favorite antelope. The temperature was a pleasant 28° as we headed to transport dam.. a huge herd of elephants swimming in the dam with young ones playing a great experience. Looking to the left of us and I noticed a tail flicking and there under the bush were 3 lions! Great sighting. After a while we set off back to camp where we encountered 6 rhinos , in this day and current circumstances its a blessing to see them. Just as we got to the gate we saw a few cars and there lying lazily was a young male leopard…totally unexpected and a great way to end the drive! Tomorrow is another day adventures ahead of us!

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      Safaris in the Southern Kruger ParkSafaris in the Southern Kruger Park

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