Safaris into the Kruger National Park

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Safaris into the Kruger National Park

Going on a safari in the Kruger Park is a unique, moving and thrilling experience that leaves you exhilarated and rejuvenated by the soul of nature.
The Kruger National Park has something special to offer even the most discerning traveler. It welcomes you with open arms, climbs into your heart and never lets go. It will have you returning to her again and again each time leaving you with unforgettable memories. ..
Take a squizz through our rangers diaries and book your Kruger Park Safari with us today.


Amandas’s Wildlife Diary

01 December 2016

Today I collect 4 guests, bobbi and Phil from Colorado and Bronwyn and Isabel from Australia. We took a slow drive to camp and after a lunch and checking into their rooms my guests went on a sundowner drive where they saw zebras, hyenas, elephants and enjoyed a glass of Amarula whilst watching the sun go down. Early to bed for an early start tomorrow!

02 December 2016

Today was lovely and cool as we set off from camp. First stop was a drive around PK koppies. We drove slowly around and to our amazement walking in front of us 3 meters from the road was a lioness, totally unexpected! Further on was another female but visual was quite restricted. After the excitement of seeing the lions we grabbed a quick coffee and headed towards skukuza. We watched a brown snake eagle snacking on a snake, eyed close by in the opposite tree by a hungry vulture. Beautiful sightings of baby zebras along the way as well as a klipspringer on klipspringer koppies. We turned onto the road to malelane and came across a few cars and to the left was a young male lion, doing what lions do best in the day, sleeping! Further down the road not more than 3kms we found 2 female lions with at least 4 cubs, looked like they had a buffalo kill close by. We spent a nice time watching the babies suckle and then decided to head to skukuza. We drove past the male still sleeping. As we watched an elephant further on we heard the male lion calling so we quickly turned around and found him not more than 2 meters from the road and just in front of him crossing the road was another male. We sat as the younger lion called absolute silence except for the call of the lion gives you goose bumps! An amazing day with great sightings, big and small.

Gert’s Wildlife Diary

29 November 2016

This afternoon we started a new Safari with Evna and Priya from London. After our lunch stop, we went for a relaxed afternoon drive. We saw a lone male Hippo displaying in its waterhole, yawning to show off its large tusks and also doing a dung-shower. For the rest of the drive the large animals were fairly quiet as it was a rather hot afternoon, however we had plenty of activity from the smaller things which more than made up for it! We found a female Impala with a virtually new-born lamb, still separate from the herd, the lamb still quite unsteady on its dainty legs! The mother was very alert and protective and kept leading the lamb into cover and out of our view. We then found a pair of Large Copper Dung-beetles industriously rolling their dung-ball across the road, looking for a suitable spot to bury it. We also found a good variety of birds throughout the course of the afternoon,including a pair of adult Bateleurs, gracefully soaring low overhead, a Wahlberg’s Eagle picking Dung-beetles from a fresh pile of Elephant dung, a Red-crested Korhaan loudly advertising territory and an African Harrier-Hawk trying to raid nests while being mobbed and eventually driven off by a host of smaller birds! All in all a very interesting and eventful first afternoon on Safari!

30 November 2016

After some refreshing overnight rain, we set out on a Game drive amid cool and cloudy conditions, still with a faint drizzle here and there. Our drive started off well when we found a female Sable Antelope with three calves crossing the road in front of us! Not much further we found 2 Lioness on the move not far from the road. They were moving parallel to the road but slowly coming closer and providing us with very good views as they also eventually crossed the road and got up onto a rock y outcrop to survey the surrounding area. A little further on we also found a lone male Lion lazily tucked under a bush, flat on his back with just his face poking out! After a quick refreshment stop about halfway through our drive, the clouds started burning off and it warmed up significantly – however, we were still lucky enough to find a large pack of about 18 Wild dogs relaxing in the shade provided by some Tamboti trees in a drainage line. They were quite lazy, but a few got up to reposition every now and then and some of the more inquisitive individuals raised their heads occasionally to get a better view of us, allowing for some good views and picture opportunities — a great morning drive with some very special sightings!

Kara’s Wildlife Diary

28 November 2016

Today my two guests from Singapore and I headed out early to be the early bird who catches the worm. And how right we were. Got a lot of luck on our side. Our first special sighting was 2 male lions sleeping on a rocky outcrop lifting their heads every few seconds and looking over the valley. That made us so eager to see hat else is waiting for us. After that we got a heads up on some wild dogs in the area and by lots of patients and getting there just in the nick of time we followed the busy hunters down the road. Two adult and two youngsters. All healthy and happy running following scents, chased and then being chased by zebras. Heading to a dam in the area we were surrounded by lots of waterbuck, a crocodile baking in the sun and a Fish eagle eating a fish across the dam. Not bad at all for a first drive on our adventure in Kruger.

29 November 2016

Today was the last day of our Safari together as a team and we ended with yet a great morning drive before I dropped the at the airport We had some time with a teenage Elephant bull crossing the road and destroying a silver Cluster tree. One of the things that will forever entertain me is watching mongoose peaking out of holes and start to dig and forage for food. Later on we saw a Sable Bull grazing alone and a big herd of Buffalo on the horizon. Our day ended with a few Zebra crossings on our way to the gate.

30 November 2016

Today I met my four fun humble and crazy Americans in white river where we made our way to Pretoriouskop Camp where we will spend the next two nights. On our drive in our first animal was a Male and Female Reedbuck which are special and could easily be mistaken for a impala. Later on we were in the middle of a argument between 7 rhinos. Clearly the two dominant ones of the two families were not pleased to have the intruder and were chasing the other around our car. Was definitely the quietest my guests have even been. But what a sighting it was. A few heartbeats were skipped, but a lot of respect was given to these creatures. A big family of hyenas were playing in the road with babies fighting to suckle. The afternoon drive was ended with a big herd of sable grazing in the field while watching the sunset.

1 December 2016

We were up early and on the road in hopes to spot the early risers and we were rewarded with 4 female lionesses lying between the Accacia trees and moving around for the shade while the day started to heat up. Just before that we had a big herd of buffalos waking up from a long night starting to nudge one another awake to get breakfast. A small little Forked Tailed drongo was again amusing trying to chase a big Raptor called a steppe buzzard away to make sure non of his loved ones fall prey. Our first Giraffe sighting was as exciting as one can expect after having kept our hopes up for seeing some. A male was trying his luck at flirting and nudging abeautiful female. Whom was not interested at all.

2 December 2016

After a lovely evening of eating, singing and laughing about our adventures of the day we got a early start to our last morning together. We were greeted by families and clans of hyenas and hippos finding a spot to sleep in the water while the sun came up. Later on we spotted our first but not the last crocodile which we were happy to find after a few days of not being able to find one. And the sightings got closer and the crocodiles bigger, baking in the sun. Our favorite part of this drive was being able to spot the very elusive Black Rhino. It took us a few seconds of investigating with our binoculars to make sure and the moment he started eating the leaves from a Silver Cluster tree we knew. Today was a tough day to say goodbye to 4 girls who became friends and whom we learnt a lot from one another. Hopefully soon I can conduct a drive for them again.

Mark’s Wildlife Diary

27 November 2016

After collecting my guests from the phalaborwa airport it was us and the Kruger National Park. Checked in through the gates and safety talk done we headed up north for our first nights stay at shingwetzi camp. Rather warm but chatting about the history of the park and discussing the northern layout it was when Szil said “oh there is a leopard on top of that termite mound”. I got the shock of my life, as how could I not spot it and my client called this one out. Having said this we stopped and watched as she kept a good eye on us as we reversed the car. Amazing to spot the 1st animal for the 7 day Safari was a leopard. After taking photos of this posing cat, she decided to climb down the termite mound and head for the mopani thicket. Wow what a rush this was and now fully amped we carried on searching for other interesting sights. By the time we arrived at shingwetzi we had spotted some really good creatures such as Buffalo, elephant, kudu, Impala, warthog, Nyla’s and many different birds.

28 November 2016

North to the Pafuri Boarder Camp for 2 nights. It was defiantly a highlight to spot some of the impala with lambs up north (just outside shingwetzi camp). None had been spotted between phalaborwa gate and shingwetzi the previous day. On our way up and approximately 50kms away from shingwetzi we found a female Cheetah lying in the shade of a tall mopani tree. Although a distant visual, this was a great sighting as it’s the furthest north that I’ve spotted cheetah in my career as a guide. Our further highlight was just sitting down watching the sun set in the remote pafuri region, while enjoying a sundowner and watching our “bush TV” the fire.

29 November 2016

Up early, we drove along the banks of the Lavuvu river and at each look out point something of interest showed itself. This from crocs to hippo pods in the water below us. As my clients have studied and are qualified field guides they were keen to take up the challenge at spotting different bird species and I’ve given them a target of 130 birds. I think they might achieve this as the total stands at 79 in less than 24hrs. Good to have such enthusiastic people on safari, enjoying everything and not just focused on chasing the big 5.

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