Sighting Wild Cats on Kruger Park Safaris

A typical Kruger Park Safari can encompass a diverse array of wildlife, as well as the region's stunning landscapes and exquisite flora. But for some wildlife enthusiasts, one type of animal is a special priority: South Africa's wild and beautiful cats. Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Caracal, Serval and African Wild Cat are all spectacular animals and a sighting of any of them can be the highlight of your Kruger Park Safari. Under the guidance of an expert South African naturalist on a dedicated safari, it is possible to see all of these cats.

Kruger park safari

Kruger park safari - Our unique packages capture the essence of the Kruger National Park

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    27 June 2017 - This morning we entered the Park early on route to our camp for the next 2 nights. It was a beautiful misty morning and we started off with a good collection of general game such as Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and a few Giraffe near the road. We also had a large female White Rhino with her calf of about 6 months old, a ll of this before sunrise! A little while later, we found a large male Lion on the move. A beautiful specimen in his prime, he crossed the road back and forth a few times before heading in to the bush, stopping to scent mark and sniffing the breeze as if smelling others nearby. We followed him as he walked parallel to the road, and got some great views of him as we spent about 45 min with him, a brilliant sighting! At our breakfast stop, where we overlooked the river, we were also treated to a mother and very small baby Hippo getting out of the water onto the bank and had a good view of the baby, which was probably only a few weeks old! It's no t very often that one gets to see such a small baby out of the water, so we were quite lucky that they decided to exit the water and enjoy the sunshine!

    28 June 2017 - We left camp early this morning amid cold and clear conditions and the first hour was fairly quiet and it appeared that most of the animals were still hiding from the cold. We did come across a small herd of old male Buffalo Bulls grazing in the reeds along a riverbank and had a very quick view of a Leopard before it disappear ed in the undergrowth! As it started warming up, animal activity also picked up and we were lucky enough to find a pack of 6 African Wild Dogs trotting in the road, apparently on the hunt as they were excitedly running back and forth following a scent, before they a ll bolted one by one into the grass in pursuit of whichever unlucky target they were after! We had a couple of Elephant sightings worth a mention, as we had a large breeding herd of females and young crossing the road in front of us, with several quite small calves in their midst, as well as a large bull feeding on his favorite seed pods in the road, not keen to move as he gently picked up the pods one by one with the tip of his trunk after sniffing them out underneath the tree they fell from. We spent the afternoon at a hide overlooking a lake with many Hippos doing their thing and a large variety of Water birds. We watched as a Goliath Heron fought with an African Darter over fishing space and then both very nearly got taken out by the African Fish-Eagle which was overlooking the scene, as it probably felt they were arguing over its fishing space, not theirs! The day was capped as we were about to sit down for an early dinner on the deck overlooking the riverbed, as there was a Leopard attempting to hunt Bushbuck in the reeds! Another great day on Safari!

  • On Safari With Amanda

    25 June 2017 - Today my four guests and I were staying at Nhongo lodge, just by the Crocodile River. After checking in we headed out to the gate for a short drive. It was a warm afternoon, about 24 °, so a pleasant temperature for a golden hour d rive. The golden hour is a beautiful time for photography as everything takes on a warm g olden glow. A lovely journey of Giraffe's walked in front of us, among them the cute st baby Giraffe. Further on we saw a lovely dazzle of Zebras hanging out with impalas and wildebeest. It's always a pleasure to see Rhinos and we were not disappointed when we ca me across a mother and her young baby we sat and watched them before heading back to the lodge for a hearty supper and a good nights rest. 26 June 2017 5:15 am. Not everyone is excited to be up so early but we always say "the early bird catches the worm ". The most amazing Elephants today with so many tiny babies, watching them trying to use their trunks, just like their mum is adorable. We must have seen at least 4 0 running down to the sabie river for a drink and a refreshing cooling off . After breakfast we headed a bit towards skukuza for a change of scenery . Sometimes I get to a junction and sit and decide what my gut is to do, turn or drive past? My gut told me to turn onto the gravel road and we were not disappointed. As we drove along we saw impalas happily browsing not more than a kilometer on the road, literally 2 meters away from us lying casually was a young male Leopard. He was absolutely breathtaking. We were all so excited and in total awe of him. To see a leopard so relaxed and also so close is such a privilege and one I never take for granted. We sat for 20 mins with him and he got up and disappeared into the bush. Incredible. Driving back on an incredible high we headed back to camp, not before seeing a female lion in a tree!!!! What an incredible day.

    27 June 2017 - Today we decided to leave a bit later, the excitement of yesterday used up all our energy! We saw lovely general game and then my colleague, Gert called in saying the re was a big male lion in front of him...we looked and could just make out his face in the bushes, then he got up and wow! What a big male he was, definitely on a mission, sniffing the ground and walking at a fast speed. He is one of 4 males that make up the Shishangeni pride all very handsome males. We followed him for an h our before he lay down. We didn’t find out what he was looking for but it was exciting to just follow him. After breakfast we headed back for a siesta as my guests were on a sunset drive where they saw a leopard, genet, civet and hyenas at the camp gate.

    28 June 2017 - Last day of our safari as we packed up for an early start. Driving along the S25 we came across a young male hyena walking then further along another one! The most stunning Kudu bull nibbled away at a bush in front of us as we drove along. Not long before we left a very well hidden male lion sat watching impalas ! As we left the park for breakfast at Hamilton restaurant we reflected on w hat a great safari we'd shared. Another amazing time in the Kruger National Park!

Kruger park safari

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