Some of Nhongo Safaris Fleet of Open Safari Vehicles

The photo shows some of our fleet of Open Safari Vehicles used while on safari in the Kruger National and Hwange National Parks. These vehicles are purpose built, for carrying nine passengers and are open to give the guest the best viewing experience while also been able to take some great photos while traveling around the parks. The vehicles are safe, been purposely built for the job of game viewing, and most operators keep them in very good condition.

For me, there is nothing better than having a client get on their open safari vehicle for the first time, and compliment the guide on the condition and neatness of the vehicle. The first impression always sticks in the guests mind, and this part of the business i must admit a huge number of operators miss by miles. If you want to be one of thew go to operators, then your operation needs to not only look the part, but the looks need to turn into action very quickly.

We hope that other operators wanting to be part of uplifting the image of their businesses and the greater tourism offering on the whole in South Africa, maybe need to take heed. A bit of a thought provoking post for the day.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

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