SOUTH AFRICA Through the eyes of an American

People through out the world are always trying to justify why they should visit South Africa, after all the current image of South Africa in the worlds eyes is one of Chaos, Corruption, crime, poverty and just a general “SHITHOLE”.
I am not here to tell you that these things do not happen, but am here to give you a balanced view of the country.
South Africa is a very great and beautiful country to visit. It has a land mass of 1,22 Million Square Kilometers, as well as a 3000 Kilometer coast line, where many adventure activities are offered. Inland the country has more than 20 National Parks, covering all different geological and archaeological formations, and it is in these area’s where you will find wonderful adventure activities, and for those that are not adventurous, a peaceful place, where you can just sit and destress from the everyday life.

South Africans are very welcoming people, and while in the country, you wil. see nothing but smiles around while interacting with the locals, weather it be in the townships, in shopping malls or even while at one of the many tourist attractions.

While here it is also found to be a country with excellent food. We are passionate about our food, and while in South Africa, do as the South Africans do, have a “braai”, which is the local word for barbecue, although it has a totally new meaning when it comes to barbecue, just by the shear amount of meat that is cooked on the open fire. Many different meats are cooked together on open flames, and this is what makes it so special.

Below i have included a video made by an American visitor, who wants to get his message out there, as to what he found while on holiday in South Africa.
I hope you enjoy the video, and it is just how it goes here.

So after you have watched it, i hope you will make a decision to come and visit our wonderful country, that has so much to offer the visiting tourists from around the world.

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