Kruger Parks "Super Seven"

Visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa go there for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons is to find and photograph animals such as the 'super-seven'. The super-seven are the most sought-after animals and are the ones that visitors mark on the sighting boards in all the Kruger camps each day - lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino, (known collectively as the 'big-five') and adding cheetah plus wild dog to make up Africa's 'super-seven' animals.

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    25 September 2017 - We started a new Safari this afternoon with Doreen and Lisa from Canada. After checking in at our camp, we went out for a short but very lucrative afternoon drive. First up we stopped at a waterhole where we found a good variety of game, including a large Crocodile basking in the sunshine. There were also 2 Elephant breeding herds feeding in the vicinity. We followed up on some earlier reports of lions in the area and found a Lioness on a large granite outcrop, with her 3 cubs playing around, falling over each other in attempting to grab her flicking tail and explore on top of the rock. A fairly distant, but clear and open sighting. On our way back to camp we were fortunate enough to encounter 3 more lioness in the process of crossing the road! They appeared to be on the trail of a near by Buffalo herd and gradually moved out of sight in the tall grass. A very lucky afternoon and a great way to start the Safari!

    26 September 2017 - We left our camp early this morning amid cool and cloudy conditions, as it turned out, great for predator activity! Early on, we found a lioness lying on a termite mound, surveying her surroundings and not much further, two more on another termite mound, keeping an eye on a distant Buffalo herd, hoping to have something to eat one of these days ... A lone and very large Sable Antelope bull came running across the road and off into the bush. Then, upon rounding a bend, we were met with 4 Cheetah cubs sitting in the road! On approach, we saw the mother keeping an eye on them from atop a nearby termite mound. They joined her on the mound, before she decided it was time to get up and go, leading the way down the other side of the mound and out of sight in the long grass, an amazing sighting and very lucky! In addition we got a great variety of general game including Giraffe and several large Elephant bulls, with a few Spotted Hyena sightings throughout the morning adding to the predator count... Another very successful day on Safari

    28 September 2017 - We left camp this morning after breakfast in cool and cloudy conditions. Early on we found a clan of Spotted Hyena outside their den, with adult females and at least 6 cubs of different ages, including a youngster of about 1 month old. They were very playful and 2 of the cubs were fighting over what appeared to be a piece of dried out Buffalo dung, chasing each other across the road a few times and making for a very good sighting! We also found a small breeding herd of Elephant, with a really small calf, only a few months old, but very well hidden in the tall grass with the mother also trying to shield it from our view. We had some very good picture opportunities of Giraffe close-by, as well as a large bull White Rhino. We were also lucky enough to come across 2 Magnificent male Lion on the move. They stopped to drink at a small rainwater pool right next to the road before both crossing the road in front of us and heading into a thicket. A great sighting and another very successful day on Safari!

  • On Safari With Amanda

    27 September 2017 - Today I collected 4 new guests from hollandaise and north Carolina. All very excited for their first safari and visit to South Africa. After lunch and checking in my guests relaxed before heading out on a sundowner drive. They came back excited after seeing giraffes, elephants and a genet along with a few owls and of course an enjoyable glass of Amarula.

    28 September 2017 - We set out after breakfast for a full days drive today to see a bit more of the park. The weather was cool with the promise of rain a bit later. We encounter lots of giraffes and elephants along the road and beautiful zebras. The first tortoise of the season was seen slowly crossing the road, we waited until it reached the other side safely. A stop at mantikenyane look out point for a leg stretch and some amazing views and we set off for a welcoming cup of coffee. After our break we came across 2 male lions relaxing under a bush, the occasional lifting of the head provided a quick photo opportunity before we set off.. news of a leopard with a kill in the tree so we headed slowly to find her.. not be fore we spotted at a honey badger foraging for food along the way. As we got to the leopard we could see her head as she was feeding on the impala and then she decided, rather awkwardly to climb down from the tree! A great day as we headed back to camp .

    29 September 2017 - Today we were moving to the southern section of the park for a change of scenery. Along the way we had amazing encounters of rhinos, beautiful to see as always. Lots and lots of zebras as well as impalas kudus and some buffalo busy chewing the cud. No cats today but that's not the be all and end all of a safari we saw so many beautiful birds and small things that make for interesting conversation! We checked in at river cottage where my guests sat drinking wine overlooking the Kruger where as luck would have it they saw 3 lions chasing impalas!!

    30 September 2017 - Today we say goodbye to 2 guests, Brian and moo but not before we do a morning drive with lovely Elephants very close to the vehicle! After coffee we drove slowly back to the gate where we spotted 2 lions sunning themselves on a koppie, a distant visual but still very nice to spot. After our goodbyes we went for lunch and then returned into the park for an afternoon drive. Not long after entering one of my colleagues guests spotted a leopard walking very unexpected and exciting to see. At the waterhole we saw zebra males fighting and a mother rhino and her baby happily eating and then the baby rhino chasing the impalas! Another great day.

    1 October 2017 - Our last day together as we set off after breakfast. Myself and Cedric decided to drive together along the dirt roads before coffee. We weren't disappointed as not long after one of the guests spotted a lioness in the distance we watched as she came close to the road, she was not alone as we counted 12, including cubs as they crossed the road right in front of us absolutely amazing. Further down we had a road block of a big herd of Elephants busily eating and not bothered by our presence, amazing to be so close to the world's largest land mammal. After coffee we headed out of the gate for their transfer to Johannesburg with Dez. A great safari with some special sightings and special guests.

Kruger park safari

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