The Romance of the African Safari

African wildlife safari - the very phrase hints at long sunny days spent admiring fantastic wildlife in one of the most world's most exotic areas. And what could be more romantic that sitting under the stars studding the vast African sky listening to the sounds of the tropic night and anticipating the pleasures of the next day's safari to view and photograph the creatures of the wild. In taking an African safari you join a long tradition of select explorers who have reached beyond the mundane for the experience of a lifetime that only a few intrepid souls can realize.

African Safaris

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Client Adventures
  • Gert's Wildlife Diary

    04 January 2017 - This afternoon we started the first Safari of the New Year, with 8 guests, 4 of which joined us for an afternoon Game drive while the others were on a Sundowner. We found a large buffalo herd early-on, fairly relaxed in some sunny spots surrounding a large rocky outcrop. We also found 2 spotted Hyena relaxing close to their den site. It was also a good afternoon for the primates as we first found a troop of Vervet Monkeys with a females with very young babies nursing close to the road as well as a large troop of baboons enjoying the sunshine on top of a large rocky outcrop. Near the end of our drive on our way back to camp, we found a large bull Elephant feeding, also close to the road and very relaxed, allowing us some very good views and topping off a nice afternoon of game viewing!

    05 January 2017 - After an early breakfast, we set off for our morning drive amid cool drizzly conditions, as it turned out, perfect for predator activity! Not long into our drive, we were lucky enough to come across 2 Cheetah, relaxing on a large flat rock in a n open area. A young male Elephant was browsing nearby and as soon as he smelled the Cheetah, charged at them and chased them off and into a thicket. We hung around to see if they would show themselves again, which they did, not long after. They came walking out towards the road and we couldn't have asked for a better sighting, as they walked in or next to the road, crossing back and forth several times, and took turns to get onto termite mounds and even quite high up into a tree once, in order to look around and spot potential targets. They got fairly close to an Impala herd at one stage, but the Impala spotted them and scattered before they could seriously attempt a hunt. They eventually moved away from the road into a valley and we lost sight of them. We then encountered a very large herd of Buffalo, about 200 strong, crossing the road in front of us, with a few very large males in their midst. Not far fr om them we found some fresh lion tracks in the road, most likely from over night or early morning and eventually found a very large male Lion lying on a flat rock in the shade of a Wild Fig tree, surveying his surroundings. He was a huge dark -manned male in very good condition and would most likely have a pride in the area. He roared a few times as he lay, seemingly trying to make contact with others within earshot. Not long after that the sun started breaking through the clouds and it warmed up significantly, however, we were still lucky enough to spot a Leopard hiding in the grass about 5 meters off the road, stalking Impala. He crept close to them through a clearing, trying to get the wind in his favor and allowing us a good view, before disappearing in thicket. We didn't see him again, but he must have moved on, as - judging by the Impala's behavior - they had spotted him and made sure they kept a close eye on him until he was out of sight, alarm calling to make sure the entire herd and any other creatures close-by was well aware of the danger! During the afternoon drive we saw a couple of White Rhino having a wallow in a mud pool to cool down, completing an amazing day on Safari!

    06 January 2017 - We left camp this morning after an early breakfast already in quite hot conditions. After a short morning drive we said goodbye to some of our guests whose Safari finished this morning and carried on with the remaining couple; Rahul and Emma. One of the early highlights was a very large female Warthog with her 3 small piglets, running and playing around their mother between bouts of grazing. The female then got comfortable in a shady spot and all 3 young excitedly ran over for a nursing session! It turned out to be a very good day for the large herbivores and because of the hot weather, most of the action happened around waterholes. At one stage we had 4 bull Elephant, including a large tusker, feeding close to a waterhole where they were joined by a large male White Rhino, a few Zebra and Kudu. We also had a one large Zebra herd grazing close-by and several good Giraffe sightings - always a crowd favorite! Shortly before the end of our drive we found 2 large Buffalo bulls w allowing in a mud pool right next to the road, both of them completely covered in mud; the perfect sunscreen and a great way for them to cool down!

  • Robbie's Wildlife Diary

    04 January 2017 - Today's 2 day safari kicked off with a bang where on the afternoon safari the menu that was ordered was precisely delivered! With a budding professional on board we set out with the particular aim of spotting some predators and oh my word were we rewarded! First up was a young female Leopard who had been perched sleeping on a Leadwood all day but upon our arrival She woke up and perform for us She did! Up and down the tree, stretching, licking and yawning for at least 45 minutes until She snoozed again! Our second highlight was a pack of 8 Wild dogs literally 5 meters from our vehicle in absolutely perfect light !! Then on the way out we got a Hyena clan of at least 20 on the move and with so many cubs keeping up to the adults for a while and then sprinting back to their den! This was truly a majestic start to 2017 and we cant wait to see the outcome of the soon to be professional photographers pics!!

    05 January 2017 - Our morning safari on the last day kept up the high standard with an amazing sighting of a beautiful male Lion and 3 supreme Lioness relaxing 5m from our vehicle!! With heads up occurring every 5 minutes thus allowing for special Lion pics! Strangely enough up until 15 minutes to go on this safari we were still looking for Elephant to complete the big 5 and got a big bull within those last few minutes!

    05 January 2017 - Today we started a safari with a large Japanese group and the highlight for them was a lovely breeding herd of Elephant feeding next to us! Particularly the young calves playing in and amongst the adults was fantastic to watch!

African Safaris

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