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Thrilling Kruger Park Safaris

Are you planning to embark on an adventure of a lifetime? If you're all set, then that means that you deserve only the best! Whether you're still dreaming about a wildlife safari or you have already been there, the images that the place evokes on your mind is one of untamed and wild natural beauty. If you want to bring the wildlife of South Africa closer, check out Kruger Park Safaris.


On Safari With Gert

24 April 2017

This afternoon we started a new Safari with 6 guests from Peru. After checking in at camp and a quick lunch, we headed out on a late afternoon drive. The drive started off well, when we found 2 adult female Giraffe on a rocky outcrop, a great view, with one of them standing completely in the open and perfectly silhouetted against the afternoon sun. Not much further we found a large bull Elephant, browsing and slowly moving parallel to the road. He was very relaxed and a quite an old boy, his one tusk very long and thick, the other broken at the base. We turned at a well known Spotted Hyena den and were lucky enough to find them outside as it was getting late and starting to cool down nicely for them. We saw 2 adult females, one sub-adult and a very inquisitive cub of about 4 months old , happily chewing away at a stick it happened to pick up, while the older ones were apparently fast asleep. On our way back to camp we got a quick glimpse of a Cheetah a few meters off the road, just in time to see it before disappearing into the tall grass, very lucky indeed! Quite a busy afternoon drive and hopefully a sign of what's in store for the r est of the Safari.

25 April 2017

This morning we left camp early amid fairly cool conditions accompanied by a beautiful African sunrise! We were hoping for some early predator activity and did get a very nice view of some Spotted Hyena in the road, not too far from their den site. However, for the rest of the day the predators seemed to avoid us, as we managed to miss a few sightings by mere minutes as the animals moved away... It turned out to be a very good day for the large herbivores, as we found a journey of at least 10 Giraffe of different ages, browsing along quite close to the road. We then also managed two sightings of White Rhino, first a small family group of 3 individuals, lying down in tall grass trying to avoid the cool breeze and later on we found a large adult male grazing in a clearing quite close to the road, providing us with a great view and picture opportunities! We also found a large herd of Buffalo in a riverbed, some grazing in the reeds while others were enjoying a mud bath along the bank. On our way back to camp we found a few more lone Elephant bulls, one very large male in great condition, relaxed and grazing close to the road providing so me excellent picture opportunities and a nice way to end the afternoon.

27 April 2017

This morning we left the lodge early to get into the park at opening time. We had a very good start to the day, first finding a large White Rhino Bull grazing close to the road in an open area, providing us with a very nice view! Not much further we found a lone Black Rhino a bit further off, but also in a clearing, slowly moving towards a dense thicket where we eventually lost sight of it . It appeared quite relaxed by its own nervous and temperamental standards , giving us a very good view - a brilliant and very rare sighting to start the day! A few kilometers further we found a pride of 10 Lions, 6 adult females and four cubs of about 6 months old. They were moving through the tall grass and were slightly obscured, until we stopped on a bridge and waited for them to come out into the river line. Here we had a great view of all of them crossing through an open area in beautiful morning sunlight! They might have been busy through the night as nearby we found a Blue Wildebeest carcass being picked clean by some White-backed and Hooded Vultures - plenty of action and just the first hour of the day done ! We also had a brilliant sighting of 3 young and rather inquisitive male Giraffe very close to us, doing a bit of playful necking, as well as a breeding herd of Elephant, including a very large male and some youngsters, enjoying a mud bath as it warmed up significantly into the early afternoon! All in all a very eventful morning on Safari!

28 April 2017

After dropping off 2 of our guests, we had a full day drive which at times was a bit quiet, although we did get good general game, including a very small baby Giraffe with its mom early on. Our highlight of the day came late in the afternoon when we found a Leopard tuck ed in between some shrubs in a riverbed. Although it was well hidden for the mos t part when lying down, it sat up attentively when 2 young male Elephant came down into the riverbed but relaxed again as they did not detect it.

29 April 2017

This morning after loading luggage we left for a short drive, hoping to fin d some more predator action before we finish. We had the luck on our side as we found 2 big male Lions on the move and arrived just in time to see them walk away and disappear into the thicket. Not much further on we found 2 females and again arrived just in time to see one of them walk off into the thicket, while the other female was lying in the short gr ass about 20m off the road, having a look around and providing us with a good view and picture opportunities before eventually getting up and following the other into the thicket. Certainly a successful morning to end a very good Safari!

On Safari With Kara

22 April 2017

I picked up Harsesh, Cal, Arpit, Chase and Lynzi from Nelspruit and we made our way to Malelane where we entered the part after lunch. We were so lucky to see loads of animals, one being a Giant elephant eating from a Buffalo thorn completely oblivious to us. Later we had quite the surprise of a female Lion popping out on the road and in seek of others. Just before exiting the park we got to see some more Giraffes and Buffalos. On the guests night drive they had so many new animals, from porcupines, to civet, to genet, and a male lion eating on a buffalo carcass next to the road!

23 April 2017

After a lovely first night at the lodge we headed out early from Marloth Park to Crocodile Bridge Gate. We head ed out and found our first Rhino still fast asleep enjoying the last bit of darkness before the sun comes up. Later we had some Zebras crossing and youngsters full of energy testing their limits at dawn. Before exiting the gate we had a female Cheetah with her 2 year old cubs trying to hunt impala which wasn’t a success but very entertaining to watch. On the afternoon drive we had a female leopard come down to the river and have a drink while we are on the bridge getting a chance to see this wonderful animal.

24 April 2017

Today we had a lovely drive where we saw some hippos sunbathing, elephants playing in mud and digging for water in a dried up river bed. We saw our first naughty family of baboons causing trouble like they usually do and a big Giraffe drinking water. On our way out we had 3 male lions sleeping next to the road under a bush in the shade while vultures were circling above making sure there wasn’t anything that was killed during the night. Back at the lodge we all had a very South African Braai where we had amazing food and wine around a big fire.

25 April 2017

Today we headed out and drove along the croc line to Malelanes side to drop off some of the guests that had to head back home. Along the route we found a cheetah playing in the morning light. Later on there was some Ground Hornbills sitting in a tree grooming their wings getting ready for the day. After breakfast and saying our goodbyes to the crazy Americans and Scottish . My two Norwegian and two Long Islanders set off to find more animals. First we had a beautiful sighting of a herd of elephants crossing the road and little ones coming to the car.

26 April 2017

With our breakfast packs ready we head off to find some more we haven’t seen yet. As we were driving along a winding dirt road my one guest spotted a lioness lying looking at the road. Great excitement since we haven ’ t seen one yet. They got up and walked along the road with us following. Going to drink water and later missioning into the bush. A family of spotted hyenas was also following a scent and was happily searching for what they might find. A African Fish eagle was sitting in a tree pulling apart the remains of a catfish. The highlight for the day was a mom cheetah with her 3 babies crossing the road and dodging blue wildebeest and Zebras snorting at them.

27 April 2017

Our last morning together we had sooo many Giraffes scattered in the bush like impalas around every corner. We got quite a few warthogs eating on the grasses along side the road and a little slender mongoose running past as well. After a breakfast in Malelane I dropped of Ed and Cristina at the airport for their trip in Cape Town.

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