What to expect on a Kruger Park Safari

Going on a true safari adventure can be a holiday of a lifetime, an opportunity to experience nature like never before, witness breathtaking scenery and unspoilt panoramas. See wildlife that can truly be called wild. South Africa's most famous park, The Kruger National Park, boasts over 7700 square miles of protected, preserved land in which wildlife can flourish. With approximately 12500 wild elephants, there is certainly no abundance of nature. Our Safari Field Guides are expert trackers and offer the best chance of getting a glimpse of the big 5, elephants, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo. It is not just animals that can be marvelled at, the safari sunsets and sunrises are world famous, seeing the fiery sun sink into the horizon is an amazing spectacle.

Kruger Park Safari

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Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    10 June 2017 - We started a new Safari yesterday with 10 guests and had a short afternoon drive after checking in at our lodge. This morning we entered the Park early and were treated to a beautiful African sunrise! An early highlight was of 5 adult Elephant Bulls feeding close to the road - one of them really impressive with a huge set of tusks - and they eventually all crossed the road right next to our vehicle. Next up we were stopped at some Zebra close to the road, when we heard Lions calling some way off. We carried on in that direction and found 8, a combination of adult females and sub- adult males crossing the road and making their way to the river nearby. Not much further we found where they most likely came from, as there were 2 large males still feeding on a Buffalo carcass about 15 meters off the road! We had some good views of the males as they moved around the carcass and getting comfortable as they both had some serious digesting to do and with more and more Vultures investigating progress from the nearby treetops; their patience slowly waning... All in all a very lucrative day on Safari

    11 June 2017 - This morning we left the lodge early to enter the Park for a morning drive. The morning started well with a family of White Rhino close to the road, some still sleeping close-by, including a young calf of a few months old. Shortly before breakfast we also encountered a large breeding herd of Elephant crossing the river to feed in the reeds on the near side. After breakfast we found a female Cheetah with her 2 cubs of a few months old. It was a distant sighting at first, but they gradually made their way closer to the road to about 40 meters away. Still they were in and out of sight as they moved through the brush and tall grass, the cubs - inquisitive and playful - trotted ahead and into the next thicket with the mother slowly moving into the same thicket. We waited for them to come out the other side but suddenly a Lioness came running out in the opposite direction with the Cheetah female hot on her heels; incredibly chasing the Lioness - obviously in an attempt to protect her cubs. Unfortunately we did not see the outcome and also didn't see any of the Cheetahs again, hopefully they all managed to get away or hide from the Lion as Lions are well known for eliminating competition from other predators. The Lioness came out of the thicket again and stalked and sniffed around, probably looking for the cubs, but she eventually gave up the search and moved away. A very rare sighting and certainly the highlight of the Safari!

Kruger Park Safari

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