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Wild African Safaris

A wild African Safari into the Kruger National Park is undoubtedly an African holiday never to forget. A holiday safari in Africa, particularly in the Kruger Park, remains one of the most popular and memorable experiences one can ever possibly undertake.

It is more than simply a vacation – it is an exploration of the origins of Man, and an appreciation of some of the glorious and iconic animals in the world, within their true habitat. From lions and leopards to elephants and wildebeest, a Kruger Park Safari is the ultimate in exotic experiences, and will create tales and memories to share and enjoy for the rest of your life.


On Safari With Gert

1 December 2016

We set off this morning after an early breakfast, again in cool and cloudy conditions, with the bush refreshed after a heavy overnight rainstorm. Early on, we found a very large herd of Buffalo on both sides of the road, very close to us and also crossing right in front of our vehicle. They were mostly females and calves of various ages, some very large cows in their midst. A little further on we found an Ascari of Elephant bulls, 3 young bulls in their late teens joined up with an adult bull to teach them the tricks of the trade. They were on a rocky outcrop, enjoying the cool, fresh rainwater collected in the rock pools, before also crossing the road in front of us, the old bull leading the way with the 3 younger bulls respectfully following. Later on we also found 3 White Rhino, a cow, her calf of about 2 years old and an adult bull. The bull was following her very closely, constantly testing the female, checking if she was in oestrus and ready to mate. He seemed to be getting the right signals, as he never let her out of sight, but they disappeared into thicker bush and we didn't see the eventual result. During the late afternoon we visited a waterhole and watched a few Hippos and a Crocodile in the water, with a wide variety of birds along the way - another great day on Safari!

On Safari With Amanda

3 December 2016

Today we set off with low expectations after yesterday's fantastic sightings and decided to break the day up and do a morning and afternoon drive. A cloudy day and cool temperatures as we set off from camp. The park is changing dramatically after the rains we've had and it's a relief to see grass again after a long winter. Lots of adorable impala lambs sticking close to their mothers, unsure of their new environment. We watched countless dung beetles hovering over fresh buffalo dung pick ing the perfect place to land and collect dung, fascinating to watch. A vervet monkey with the tiniest of babies I've ever seen! We headed back to camp via pretoriouskop camp and saw a few cars ahead so drove to see what they'd seen...A leopard hanging lazily in a marula. We watched for a while as he moved around for a few minutes and then flopped down again. Lovely to see the elusive leopard. Our afternoon drive was purely about the wonderful landscape and the gol den hour, where just before the sun goes down everything has a warm glow about it, heading back to camp we saw magnificent elephants crossing the road.

4 December 2016

Our last drive for bobbi and Kim as we head to phabeni gate. Highlight was coming across a small pride of lions close to the road very well hidden by the grass! Today we could see was going to be incredibly hot so sightings may be affected...as we drove to phabeni gate though we came across a pack of at least 10 wild dogs resting and panting under the shade of a guarri bush, 2 impala walked past and the hardly took notice of them it was so hot! After our goodbyes, Bronwyn, Isabel and I headed back to camp for a refreshing dip in the pool.. very well deserved.

5 December 2016

Today our safari ends with Bronwyn and Isabel heading to Durban. General game along the way and again more amazing dung beetle sightings.... it's not always about the big animals, the small creatures are fascinating to watch and play an important role in the ecosystem of the Kruger. Another incredible safari with lovely guests.

On Safari With Kara

4 December 2016

Leslie, Pree and I started our first afternoon Game drive from Nkambeni the camp we were staying at and it went great. It was really hot in the beginning so just being able to find a few baby Impalas bouncing around was a pleasure and after that things just got better, with the clouds coming in to cover the hot sun. We watched some hippos popping up and down from the dam water and then some buffalos taking the path down the tar road. The best moment of the drive was the moment my guest spotted some spots moving in the grass. A big male leopard was walking next to the road and the walking past our vehicle and then jumped up a tree looking for something to hunt. Thereafter he walked up a termite mound and decided that's where he will sleep. And we sat there for an hour just enjoying watching him sleep.

5 December 2016

We couldn't believe how our drive could be almost as exciting as the day before but it did beat it. Our first wow moment was watching 2 white rhinos making their way to the road grazing in the morning light. Later we had 2 bull elephants on the path to nearby water crossed the road not far from us. After our lunch the heat kicked in again. Just after a bit of driving and noticing everything hiding from the sun. A big dark cloud cover the sky and it cooled down a lot. Right after that everything came alive. We found a herd of buffalos in the road looking a bit startled clumped together. And about 200m from there 5 female lions watching them. After waiting patiently the one after another they started approaching and then stalking them. Catching them off guard they caught one and what a sighting that was. Today luck, timing and the weather played a big part and we had a very special day in Kruger. What a sunset that was.

6 December 2016

Elli, Greg and I headed out on our morning drive with no stress or expectation and just to enjoy the fresh air and see some new species and we were yet again soo spoilt by nature. One of the groups of animals we saw on our morning drive was a big family of baboons playing, eating and pushing one another in the road. Very entertaining to watch. Later on we found a big female buffalo which had been caught by lions and then all types of vultures were pulling it apart and fighting for their share. The afternoon drive we had a great sighting of a male Sable antelope grazing and after a herd of 12 elephants eating the new green grasses that has grown around a rocky outcrop while the sun was setting. What a special moment. After the rain the soil was also great to look at some tracks and interpreted what they were. That my guests found really exciting which I was very happy about.

7 December 2016

Setting out on our last morning drive together before setting off for Johannesburg. We finally were lucky and got a mating pair of leopards on Klipspringer koppies which is a rocky outcrop. Later on we found a big male White Rhino lying in a mud hole cooling down while the morning was heating up, we would defiantly not have minded to have the opportunity to join him. Our safari came to an end with so many memories and laughs that I will forever remember.

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