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When visiting South Africa, one of the most exciting and adventurous places to see would be Kruger National Park. This park is well known for the large variety of wildlife that if offers to its visitors. People from all over the world come to see the park and its many beautiful sites. It is known for being the largest sanctuary in all of Africa for the wildlife. The park stretches out to an impressive 90 kilometers going East to West and an outstanding 360 kilometers from North to South. Most know the reserve as home to the Big 5 private wildlife reserves but all of the fences have been removed so that the wildlife can roam freely.

Safari tours are known as the best way to see all that Kruger National Park has to offer. This is perhaps the safest way to get as close as possible to the wildlife without putting yourself in danger. Our guided safaris offer different packages to meet even the tightest of budgets so everyone can enjoy their trip to Kruger Park.

Kruger park safari

Kruger park safari - Our unique packages capture the essence of the Kruger National Park

Client Adventures
  • On Safari With Gert

    8 February 2017 - Today we started a new Safari with 4 guests, a family of 3 from Brazil and Stefan from Germany. Upon arrival at camp, we checked in and had a quick lunch before heading out on an afternoon Game drive. We were extremely lucky, as the second animal we saw, about 3 minutes into our drive, was a large male Leopard lounging in a Marula tree! For the most p art, he was very lazy and appeared fast asleep on a thick branch, only slightly obscured by a few leaves and thin branches. Every now and then he lifted his head to have a good look around, or repositioned to get more comfortable, giving us some good views and picture opportunities, but was still lying on the same branch by the time w e decided to leave the sighting; a great start to the Safari!

    9 February 2017 - After an early morning cloud burst, we had a quick breakfast and set off on our morning drive in very wet conditions, still with a faint drizzle around. One of our early highlights was an Elephant sighting; first we found a fem le with a calf of about 4 years old. The calf appeared very upset and was making a lot of noise, as it turned out, at some Impala in the tall grass close to it. The youngster repeatedly charged at the Impala, which in turn seemed unperturbed and didn't move a way. The female Elephant was trying to soothe the calf with her deep, rumbling noises but the calf maintained its nervous behavior and they eventually moved aw ay from the Impala! About 200 meters away, a young Elephant bull, apparently in musth, was walking down the road away from us and not allowing anyone past until the path he was following led him off the road. Then we were lucky enough to have 2 lion sightings throughout the course of the morning; the first was 2 males about 15m off the road, one a magnificent male in his prime, lying in a clearing, while the second, older male was hidden under a bush, licking some wounds on his back and legs, most likely from fighting with another male, although the younger of the two didn't show any wounds and they also appeared very tolerant of each other. The second sighting, about 5 km further on, was a mating pair right next to the road and we arrived just in time to actually see them mating once! It might also be where the old male got his wounds from if t hey were all competing for 1 female. However, a great morning for lion activity!

    10 February 2017 - We left this morning after an early breakfast, in clear, sunny conditions. We were very lucky early on, when we found 2 Wilddogs running down the road towards us! They appeared to be on the trail of something, stopping off every now and then to smell the bushes along the roadside. We followed them for quite some distance as they carried on down the road, but eventually we had to turn back and carry on.. About an hour or so further into our drive we encountered a whole pack of 8 Wilddogs! These were lying very relaxed and mostly fast asleep, about 10 m from the road in a clearing! Late in the day we had a brilliant Elephant sighting of a small breeding herd consisting of 8 individuals. In their midst was a young female with what mus t be her first calf of a few months old. The matriarch was extremely protective of both the young mother and her calf and kept sheltering them as they moved through clearings and also as they crossed the road with the little baby staying very close to its apparently nervous mom! A great sighting to end the day!

  • On Safari With Amanda

    10 February 2017 - Our first day I picked up my guests from the Netherlands and headed through Phabeni Gate Kruger National Park making our way to skukuza camp. Where we would stay our first two nights. Our animal sightings started off with a bang. Seeing loads of Elephants , Buffalos and Zebras. And while sitting at a lake nearby saw some Hippos moving around and a few water birds. Later in the afternoon we were able to enjoy some Lions next to the road. A male and female who are in the Honeymoon stage. Mating on and off the whole time. Our drive ended with some Dwarf mongooses coming together after a long day of hunting and exploring for a good nights sleep.

    11 February 2017 - We definitely got rewarded for the early start with a pack of 13 wild dogs chasing impalas all over the place. Later giving up on the hunt they jogged down the road, crossing a few bridges and we were happy to follow for a few kilometers . Soon after we got our first Giraffes and were just blown away by their beauty with the morning light shining on their bodies, while eating from some Red bush Willows. A little crocodile was baking in the shallow waters just before breakfast completely unaware of thousands of pictures being taken of him In the afternoon we got to see quite a few special birds. Bring a Barred O wlet, Green backed Heron, Lesser spotted Eagle, Fish eagle and a African Darter drying his wings in the sun. While driving down a winding road all of a sudden a young elephant bull came trumpeting at us after both of us got a fright not seeing the other. H e then stormed off to stand and eat Marula Fruit... With some nice snacks all was in order again.

    12 February 2017 - Today we were heading north to a new camp which we will stay for two nights . Covering quite the distance it was amazing to see how the landscape, scenery and vegetation changes every 30km as we are driving. Our first special sighting was 2 male lions lying next to a low level bridge on the sand bank. Watching the sun rise and keeping an eye out for any victim to come and have a drink of water. Later we also found the elusive leopard in a tree. After a while he jumped from the tree and was moving parallel with the road through the bush. Just before getting to Olifants camp we spotted some Ostriches.

Kruger park safari

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