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5 Day Kruger Park safari

5 Day African Kruger National Park Safari

4 Night / 5 Days

OR Tambo Johannesburg

Kruger National Park

Min Age: 5 Years

Children Under 11 Less 50%

From R20 000 Per Person

About This Tour:

This 5 Day 4 Night African Kruger Safari package experience in Kruger National Park is the ultimate in affordable family tours and can be split between two camps within the Kruger National Park. This wonderful unique tailor-made holiday experience is one of the best that South Africa has to offer.

This unique experience to the Kruger National Park is one of the most affordable and popular 5 Day tours, as it gives you the opportunity to view the wildlife in the most popular wildlife viewing area, being in the southern region of the Kruger National Park spending two nights at Skukuza and two nights either at Berg en dal camp or Pretoriuskop and the exhilarating thrill of a guided Sunset/Night drive with Sanparks Rangers.


The southern parts of the Kruger National Park are the most highly populated area with birds and wildlife. This area is near Skukuza, which is the Kruger National Park’s main camp and is situated on the Sabi River. This beautiful natural area attracts a large variety of wildlife due to the abundance of water and different vegetation types, as well as the most amazing bird species. 

Accommodation is in Huts with bathroom en-suite and air-conditioning with Dinner and Breakfast included.


  • All Transfers

  • 4 Nights Accommodation with En-suite Bathroom

  • Game Drives in Kruger National Park

  • Conservation / Entrance Fees

  • Professional Guide

  • 1 x Sunset / Night Drive

  • 4 x Dinner

  • 4 x Breakfast


  • All Drinks

  • Lunches

  • Flights

  • Items Of A Personal Nature

Day 1:
Johannesburg - Kruger National Park


Your journey begins with a greeting from Nhongo Safaris as you begin the trip to the Kruger National Park. The anticipation in the air is palpable, and with every passing minute, we edge closer to the wild heart of Africa.

Our game drive is a symphony of sights and sounds. The rustling leaves, the gentle sway of acacia trees in the breeze, and the wonderful variety of chirping birds—each note plays its part in this harmonious overture. Majestic elephants meander through the grasslands, and elusive leopards lurk in the shadows.

At the camp, we find respite and refuel with a sumptuous lunch (Own Account).  Energized and eager, we embark on an afternoon game drive. The golden rays of the sun cast long shadows, revealing the hidden treasures of the savannah. The thrill of spotting a leopard or a herd of buffalo quickens our pulse. With the sun's descent, we journey back to camp, our hearts still racing with the wonders of the day.

Day 2:

Kruger National Park 

As you bask in the natural splendor surrounding you, our seasoned guide weaves tales of the park's intricate ecology and rich history. The morning adventure unfolds, with each twist and turn revealing nature's secrets. A pitstop at camp treats us to a hearty breakfast, fuel for the day's exploration.


The afternoon holds another thrilling safari, with the setting sun casting a warm glow over the landscape. We seek elusive creatures, their stories hidden in the folds of the wilderness. Back at camp, as the stars emerge in the night sky, we share tales of our encounters, feeling grateful for this immersive experience while feasting on a warm meal.

Day 3:

Kruger National Park 

Anticipation courses through your veins as you prepare for yet another expedition into the untamed wilderness. The landscape unfolds like a grand tapestry, each scene more mesmerizing than the last. Enjoy a hearty breakfast before continuing with your adventure. The day's journey is punctuated by encounters with the diverse inhabitants of this pristine realm. As the evening approaches, the call of the wild beckons us back to camp for a scrumptious dinner.

Day 4:

Kruger National Park 

Africa's vibrant spirit invigorates your soul. The day begins with the first rays of dawn, followed by a hearty breakfast that sustains you for the adventure ahead. The wilderness welcomes you once more, its secrets waiting to be uncovered. A mid-day break at camp allows for reflection and rejuvenation.

As night falls, the thrill continues with a nocturnal drive, unveiling the enigmatic world of creatures that come alive under the cover of darkness. Dinner under the starry African sky is a feast for the senses, a reminder of the wonder that surrounds us.

Day 5:

Kruger National Park - Johannesburg

With the breaking of dawn, we embark on a sunrise game drive, a final ode to this untamed paradise. The morning light bathes the savannah in gold, a fitting farewell to the wilderness. Back at camp, a hearty breakfast fuels us for the journey ahead.


As we reluctantly pack our memories and bid adieu to this wild wonderland, we carry with us the echoes of the African bush. Our adventure ends, but the stories written in the heart of Kruger Park will endure forever. Homeward bound, we reflect on the profound connection forged with nature during our five-day odyssey.

Visit the Kruger National Park
In addition to its abundant wildlife, Kruger National Park is also steeped in history. Archaeological sites dating back to the Iron Age can be found throughout the park, providing a glimpse into the lives of early African civilizations.

Untamed Nature
Visitors can witness all the classical African big game, including elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, warthogs, and many antelope species. But it's not just about the herbivores; Kruger is also home to a diverse range of large carnivores such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and spotted hyenas. With so much to see and experience in this vast and stunning wilderness area, Kruger National Park is a must-visit destination for any wildlife enthusiast or nature lover. 

Open Safari Vehicle Point Of View

As you embark on your open safari vehicle, you'll feel the excitement and anticipation building inside of you. The vastness of the Kruger National Park stretches out before you, with its sprawling savannahs and dense forests teeming with life. As you journey deeper into the park, your guide will point out the many species of wildlife that call this place home.


Expert Guides

Local professional guides possess extensive knowledge and experience, enhancing travel experiences by providing insider tips and recommendations.

Optional Extras

Add any of the below options to your Kruger National Park safari:

  • Panorama Route Highlights - R1500.00 Per Person (incl entrance fees)

    • Blyde River Canyon​

    • Gods Window

    • Potholes​

  • Gorge Lift Experience - R300.00 Per Person

    • Big Swing - R​710.00 Per Person

    • Zipline - R310.00 Per Person

  • Township Tour - R800.00 Per Person

  • Township Dinner & Dance - R1650.00 Per Person

More Safaris Options:

Kruger Safaris Background
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