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3 Night / 4 Day Live on the Wildside Tented Adventure
3 Night / 4 Day Live on the Wildside Tented Adventure

As you make your way from Johannesburg to the iconic Kruger National Park, you begin the first of four glorious days of  sights and smells of the African bushveld. In this 4 day/3 night package costs are slashed, but the experience remains priceless.



4 Days


Experience a glorious week of thrilling guided safaris from two camps in the Southern Section of the world renowned Kruger National park. No less than eight exciting day drives in an open safari vehicle and one thrilling night safari make up this incredible adventure safari package.



5 Days


For the traveller with little time to spare, we pack a lifetime of memorable moments into this whirlwind 3 day Classic Safari package. Sit back, relax and enjoy every moment as you are escorted from Johannesburg to South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park to thrill to the possibility of spotting all of Africa’s ‘Big 5’ in just a couple of days.



3 Days


At Nhongo Safaris we offer morning open vehicle day drives and open vehicle safaris in the Kruger National Park on a daily basis. Come and experience an exciting Kruger Park day safari with us where you will be collected and dropped off from your accommodations in either Nelspruit, White River or Hazyview.



1 Day

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Kruger Safaris

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      I can highly recommend this safari tour! We made a four days safari with the best guide ever- Clint! We saw the big five and so much more animals! Clint… read more


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Start Planning Your Dream Kruger National Park Safari

For most tourists to South Africa, a Kruger Park safari is a once in a lifetime experience. We are committed to providing unforgettable Kruger Park Tour and open vehicle game drives to the Kruger National Park, ensuring that your African safari holiday to the Kruger National Park is a memorable one! Our Kruger Park safari offer one of the few opportunities left in the world to see Africa’s Big 5, as well as the abundance of fauna and flora, mammals, reptiles and birdlife.


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After embarking on many thrilling experiences during your
Safari, from viewing wildlife in the comfort of a classic safari
vehicle to adrenalin-filled once in a lifetime adventures, you
will end your days with a comfortable stay in one of the
preferred rest camps and 5 star lodges throughout our
region of travel.

Imagine sipping a sundowner drink as you watch the
crimson sun set behind savannah trees, and a bonfire
sparkling into the star-studded night sky. All this awaits you .

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a Kruger National Park Safari Trip

A place of ancient history, curious intrigued and more wildlife than you could see in a day, the Kruger National Park is more than just a safari destination, it is an iconic part of South Africa’s heritage. Regarded as the world’s finest wildlife parks, the Kruger National Park boasts an impressive collection of a wide variety of animal species. Lion, giraffe, zebra, hippo, cheetah, rhino, elephant, the list of animals known to roam all corners of the park is nearly endless. Almost 150 species can be spotted, along with well over 500 species of birds and all kinds of flora, making the Kruger a truly diverse, ecological wonder.

Covering an area of almost 19 485 square feet of granite hills, mountain ranges, wide savannah grasslands and lush dense forests, the Kruger is a feat of immense planning, a fierce dedication to conservation and almost 100 years of hard work. With such a huge landscape to cover, it is often far easier to embark on a safari in the company of an experienced guide. You might be interested in our luxury Kruger National Park safaris or perhaps the budget Kruger Park safari.

A little about Nhongo Safaris

Nhongo Safaris has been offering unforgettable guided Kruger Park safari for many years and we’ve been privileged to see all that the park has to offer.

Having launched our safari company in 1999, we’ve watched as the dynamic of the park has changed. And as the park has changed, and the expectations of guests have become a little more intricate, we’ve adjusted the way in which we create our safari packages.

We are not just a passionate Kruger safari company. We are also planning experts! A Kruger Park safari is best experienced as a full package. That means comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and any activities which might pique your interest are added to the packages we’ve created. Our safaris are all inclusive, which helps to ensure that you get the most out of your time in Africa. A Kruger National Park safari is a once in a lifetime adventure so you’ll want to make the most of your opportunity.

Throughout the duration of your stay with us, you will be treated to nothing but the best, ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable. All tours are carried out by a FGASA and DEAT registered guide, each friendly and professional. We’ll also provide transport throughout your stay as well as airport transfers to and from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. The drive down to the Kruger is in itself a journey. Guests will drive through some of the most scenic and most beautiful landscapes, through ever changing scenery before arriving at their accommodation.

The Kruger has an incredible network of roads which criss-cross the park. Some roads are tarred while others are dirt and can be a little difficult to navigate without some experience.  Our guides know all of the roads like the back of their hands. We know which roads are best for spotting lions, and which are best for catching sight of curious leopards. We also know how best to avoid the avid crowds who ever so often flood the park.

Safari Guide Insider Tips

Each day hundreds of guests will enter the Kruger Park, and most of them will be entering with a safari company. Safari guides are in the unique position of having some of the deepest insight into the Kruger National Park wildlife and they generally know the very best places to spot the animals. Many guides are seasoned safari experts who’ve been in the industry from a young age. The park has a special hold on guides, as few leave the park and will continue to share their passion for nature with every new guest and with the same fervour they experienced during their early years.

With all of their insight and their experience, tips from guides are invaluable for ensuring that the safari is a success. Not only are their tips helpful for spotting wildlife, but it can also be used to guarantee that the entire experience is a positive one.

The Kruger Park can change in an instant. A quiet savannah setting without a thing in sight can quickly turn into an energy-charged predator-prey chase down. Although the animals and their habitats have remained unchanged since pretty much the dawn of time, the animals are always on the move, so scenes in the park change from one moment to the next, making every sighting a unique one.

Every year we guide hundreds of excited travellers into the park, and often they have high expectations about what they will see. We always like guests to keep in mind that the wildlife doesn’t have a schedule for appearances. And if all sightings were an immediate guarantee, it would take some of the magic out of the safari! When it comes to expectations, a helpful tip would be to throw the checklist out of the window and enjoy everything you see. This tip is especially important when it comes to the Big 5. So many guests place a lot of emphasis on seeing the animals grouped together by hunters over 100 years ago. And while we certainly agree that seeing these animals does cause a lot of excitement, at the end of the day, any animal sighting is special.

The group dynamic within the vehicle is also something to keep in mind. Generally, unless you’ve booked a private Kruger National Park safari, you’ll be sharing the vehicle with at least 10 other guests, depending on the size of the safari transporter. Some groups are incredibly keen to see a kill while others might be quite upset by the sight. Some safari groups are also a lot less excitable than others. The energy of the vehicle can give the guides a good indication about what it is that the group is hoping to experience, so don’t be shy in your enthusiasm. Chat with your guide and listen to what they have to share as often their knowledge is exceptionally interesting. You should also not be shy to ask questions. A Kruger Park safari is as much a learning experience as it is an entertaining journey.

The Nhongo Safari Experience

We offer our guests a wide variety of Kruger safari holiday packages while we also offer the option of indulging in a speciality holiday experience. Our safari packages include transfers to and from the Kruger National Park (from Johannesburg), accommodation in some of the finest lodges the Kruger area has to offer, delicious meals (excluding lunch), and multiple safaris.

We make the safari experience as pleasurable and as memorable as possible, giving our guests that once in a lifetime trip that they will never forget. With this in mind, we try to give our guests a personalised safari, as much as a group experience will allow.

Nhongo’s Kruger safari holiday packages are split up into 4 categories: Budget Kruger Safaris, Tented Kruger Safaris, Standard Kruger Safaris and the Luxury Kruger Safaris.

Budget Kruger National Park Safaris

The costs are slashed but the experience is simply priceless!

While these might be the more affordable option, these experiences are anything but cheap! For those travelling on a limited budget, this is the ultimate retreat. Guests are treated to an incredible trip, and once in the park, they might be lucky enough to see wildlife that even those who choose the luxury option might miss out on. The Budget Safaris differ from the others in that the accommodation is generally more rustic. Other than that, guests can look forward to a uniquely exciting trip into the park.

Currently, we have 2, 3, 4 and 5 day budget safaris are available. Tours start from as little as R2000.

Tented Kruger Safaris

The ultimate Kruger Park trip!

With the wildlife seemingly brushing up against the tent in the evening, at least when our imaginations run away with us, the tented safari is a real favourite. There is no better way to get up close to nature than when sleeping in a tent. The sounds of Africa sneak through the canvas, and it can feel as the earth is calling to you. Enough with the day dreaming! You can book this incredible tented safari through our website and experience Africa as its meant to be experienced.

Currently, we have 3 day, 7 day, 3 night/4 day, and 2 night/3 day tented safaris available in the Kruger National Park.

Standard Kruger National Park Safaris

These classic tours of the Kruger National Park are a bushveld adventure!

The Standard Kruger National Park safaris are the perfect mix of budget and luxury, the ideal middle ground so to speak. They are by far one of our more popular selection of safaris and we’ve created a wide range of classic Kruger Park safari for our guests to choose from. The number of days spent in the park varies with each package, but the overall experience once in the Kruger is a real 5 star one. Guests can look forward to maximum time spent in the Kruger, with quiet evenings filled with great food, relaxing drinks and wonderful company.

Currently, we have 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, 5 day, 6 day and 7 day Standard Kruger safaris. We also have an exciting 9 day southern Kruger safari package, a Panorama Route package designed to take guests on a trip to see some of the most beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, villages and rock formations, and an action packed adventure package for the thrill seekers.

Luxury Kruger National Park Safaris

Everyone deserves to treat themselves while on holiday!

Luxury Kruger National Park safaris are designed just for those who are looking to indulge themselves in the ultimate high-end retreat from the world. Luxury safaris are characterised by exquisite, and exceptionally quiet, private accommodation in some of the most beautiful locations in and around the Kruger, along with decadent meals. Luxury safaris also generally mean private safaris, unlike the other packages which generally offer group experiences.

Currently, we have the 3 day Southern Kruger safari, the 3 night and 4 day ultimate romantic getaway, the incredible 4 day Kruger Shalati Train Experience and the intrepid 6 day Kruger Combo. 

The Authentic Way to See Africa

The Kruger National Park has for the longest time been considered the premier wildlife destination in Southern Africa. Not only is it home to myriad of unique animal, bird and plant species, but it is also a place with the most fascinating history. Thousands of guests explore the park each year hoping to see the wildlife that has made the park famous, and they have two ways to experience the park.

The first way is by embarking on a self-drive Kruger Park safari while the second way is to sign up for a guided tour. Many consider the guided Kruger Park safari to be the more authentic way, as it allows guests to board a safari vehicle, sit back and spend their time on the lookout for the wildlife they have come to see. These tours are the best option for a number of reasons: they allow guests to do minimal planning and booking, as often the guided tour is part of a full Kruger Park holiday package, guests won’t need to worry about getting lost in the park as the guides know the way, and guests can enjoy the company of a knowledgeable guide who can share all sorts of information about the park along with stories of their own park encounters.

Nhongo Safaris has spent years guiding guests from all over the world on unforgettable Kruger Park tours. Our safaris offer full days in the park along with some of the best accommodation in a part of the world that is renowned for its immense hospitality.

Visiting the Kruger is one trip that shouldn’t be left waiting on a bucket list, instead, it is a journey that everyone with a love, or curiosity, for Africa should indulge in. To make things easier for you, our website has everything you need when planning your Kruger National Park safari. Simply select the tour you wish to embark on and hit the button to make the booking. We’ll do the rest.

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