COVID-19 Flexible Booking Policy

We Are Open! NEW Covid 19 Flexible Booking Policy Available


We understand that it’s normal to feel cautious about making travel plans in the near future. 


You’re not alone. 


We’ve been talking to customers frequently throughout this difficult and uncertain time and have paid close attention to their feelings and feedback.


Our customers are anxious and apprehensive, yet they’re also seeking something to look forward to in post-quarantine life.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new Flexible Booking Policy to give you total peace of mind so you can confidently book your next trip with NHONGO SAFARIS whilst eliminating any risk.


You choose at no extra charge from either our Full Flex or Ultimate Flex booking options depending on what YOU feel comfortable with.


We want you to have clarity in where you stand with us going forwards and allow you to feel totally comfortable about changing your mind.

Full Flex Booking Option:


Book Any Tour Of Your Choice, Pay A 35% Deposit And

Change The Dates And/Or Upgrade Your Safari, Up [1 Or 2]  Times For Free*

Up To 40  Days Before Departure.


Ultimate Flex Booking Option:


Book Any Tour Of Your Choice, Pay In Full And

Change The Dates, And/Or Upgrade Your Safari, As Many Times As You Like

For Free* Up To 40 Days Before Departure.

Both of our FLEX options give you freedom from financial worry or tie-in by allowing you to delay your departure and transfer your payment to another date of your choice, free of charge.


We’re here to reassure you that booking with NHONGO SAFARIS means it’s time to stress less and get excited for your next travel experience!

*We need to apply some conditions in order to make this possible for everyone so we have outlined these in full on our FAQs section below. Still got questions? Chat to us by email or by phone for more details. We’d love to hear from you!

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic the South African tourism and hospitality industry has developed comprehensive protocols to
ensure continued operation of all types of tourism businesses and facilities.


We at Nhongo Safaris® have pledged compliance with industry protocols ensuring your safety during the pandemic.

Text Saying "Travel Eat Safe TBCSA"

View our certificate here:

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