Game Drive in the Kruger National Park

Adventure Awaits in
South Africa

You have read about the lions and elephants who live in close proximity to an open Jeep. People have pictured themselves staring in wonder at a Leopard or Buffalo just a few metres away. The thrill of walking safaris is talked about and they can imagine sleeping under the stars in a safari camp at night.


You have the opportunity to see some of the world's greatest creatures in their natural environment when you are on a safari in Africa. Explore South Africa and get up close to magnificent creatures.


Many safari lodges in Africa offer family-friendly accommodations, making African safaris a wonderful experience for everyone. A safari can be the best trip of your lifetime thanks to spacious family accommodations and a wide variety of activities for everyone.


Our partners are top camps and lodges that provide safe accommodations for all guests. Having experienced safaris across Africa for decades, our safari planning team is an expert in advising you on your safari.

If you’re interested in enhancing your next trip with an exciting and engaging tour, look no further.


Check out our current tour packages and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about what we offer.

About Our Kruger Safaris

Nhongo’s Kruger safari holiday packages are split up into 4 categories: Day Kruger Safaris, Budget Kruger Safaris, Standard Kruger Safaris and Unique Kruger Safaris.

About Our Private Lodge Safaris

Nhongo Safaris has put together multiple holiday packages staying at Private Lodges in South Africa. 

Safari Tips

No Littering

Stay on the Path

Respect the Locals

Pack the essentials

Listen To Your Guide

Do not Disturb the Animals

Don’t Walk Around at Night

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Always Stay Within your Vehicle

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