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Spanning almost 20,000 square kilometres, the Kruger National Park boasts culinary offerings that are as diverse as its international visitors. food options really spoil you for choice, from self-catering meals to restaurants, eating certainly is easy!

When staying at rest camps, you have a choice of preparing your own food in a kitchen, cooking on a BBQ, getting take-aways or dining at restaurants. Some camps and safari operators also offer a fantastic bush braai where you can enjoy a relaxing BBQ under the starry night sky, amongst the wild sounds of the African wilderness.


Enjoy a mid-morning breakfast, a quick lunch or light dinner. There are all-day breakfasts, salads, pastas, burgers, cold platters and speciality gourmet sandwiches on offer. Guests can also choose between a range of hot and cold beverages.

Cafeterias are available at Skukuza, Satara, Lower Sabie, Pretoriuskop, Berg en Dal, Letaba ,Olifants, Mopani, Shingwedzi and Punda Maria all the main camps of the Kruger Park.

Lower Sabie Mug and Bean


There are lots of restaurants in Kruger National Park. Each main rest camp has one and they’re convenient places to stop at for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’ll generally have indoor and outdoor seating, often with a large covered section, such as a thatched roof, to keep off the hot sun or a summer downpour.

They also often have river views or a nice bush setting. They aren’t terribly formal and you certainly don’t have to dress up in your after eight evening wear.

They’re licensed, so you’ll be able to buy beer, wine and liqueur at them. The cost of eating at one of them is inexpensive. You can book a table in advance if there’s a particular spot you’d like to sit, but otherwise booking would normally be unnecessary.

In the past, the quality of the catering inside the Park varied greatly. The Park then decided to try the concession approach, where one company had the contact to run just about every restaurant, café, and picnic spot in Kruger. However, this ended up sacrificing culinary excitement for standard dishes. Now, a variety of vendors have been given license to operate the various restaurants and take-away joints, which are located throughout the Park, inside rest camps. Current operators include Mugg & Bean, Wimpy and Cattle Baron, as well as several independents.

The camps and their restaurants:

Berg-En-Dal: Tindlovu Restaurant

Letaba: Tindlovu

Lower Sabie: Mugg & Bean

Mopani: Tindlovu Restaurant

Olifants: Mugg & Bean

Pretoriouskop: Wimpy

Punda Maria: Shakama Plum Tree Restaurant

Satara: Cattle Baron Grill and Bistro

Shingwedzi: Deli, Mustard Tree Restaurant, Tindlovu Restaurant

Skukuza: Cattle Baron Grill & Bistro, Selati Station Grillhouse

Picnic Spots

Picnic spots can be found throughout Kruger National Park. They are unfenced, so mind the baboons! Keep your car doors locked and the windows up while you’re picnicking. Baboons can open car doors if they’re not locked! Of the picnic sites, Tshokwane, Nkuhlu and Afsaal, also have cafes. Afsaal being the most popular due to the Elephants and Hyenas roaming around.

Boma Braai (BBQ)

Most of the camps offer boma braais, which are BBQ nights under an open-sided round thatched structure. There is nothing better than enjoying a braai (barbecue) around the boma in one of the Rest Camps in Kruger Park. The chefs prepare a delicious meal, which includes a choice of three meats grilled to perfection as well as salads, breads and desserts. Boma Braai’s typically start at around 17h30pm.

Boma Braai

Bush Braai (BBQ)

Enjoy a braai in the middle of the Kruger Park bush under the beautiful night sky. The evening starts with a night game drive through the wilderness to your destination which is followed by a delicious meal cooked over an open flame. Guests can then enjoy a wonderful and relaxing drive back through the Kruger Park bush with the possibility of spotting nocturnal wildlife. This is a completely unique bush experience.

Bush Braai


Eating out is not your only choice. All accommodation at the main camps are self-catering, with suitable kitchen facilities and cooking utensils supplied and a well-stocked shop where you can get any additional supplies you might need. All chalets within the camps also have their own braai (BBQ) stand where you can relax outside and indulge in every South African’s favourite pass time, having a braai.

Skukuza Shop

Nhongo Safaris strives to not only offer the best service and best wildlife experiences, but also provide our guests with delicious and fulfilling meals for breakfasts and dinners. We utilize all the restaurants within the main camps where you can enjoy your meal while interacting with your Nhongo guide, who will accompany you. Instead of sitting at the restaurant, Nhongo safaris also offers braais (BBQs) instead, where you can enjoy a comfy seat under the stars at your accommodation while your guide or Nhongo staff member prepares your meal. Join in and accompany our staff as we shop for wonderfully fresh ingredients at the local supermarket to use in your meals.


The restaurants within Kruger National Park do serve delicious vegetarian dishes, however, they do not serve halaal but, fear not, Nhongo Safaris can prepare fantastic halaal meals too.

Join us for a deliciously wild adventure!


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